Blanchester Area Chamber of Commerce
Blanchester, OH 45107

By: Mr. Gary W. Hanson, President of
American Safety & Health Management Consultants, Inc.

One of the hardest things any company has to do each year is to plan for the future. There are so many variables to take into consideration. Changes in the economy, changes in legislature, competition, new products and services, changes in population and changes in what people want. Products and services come and go, people move and government policies change. The only real constant in life and business is change, successful companies are the ones that understand this and are able to adapt to the changes.

This is also true when it comes to safety. The companies with good safety performance year in and year out are the ones that can adapt to the changes and plan for the future. It is also equally important to stay on the plan.

Many of the companies that hire us either did not have a plan or somewhere got off the plan. I understand that with all the other things a company has to do that putting together a Safety Plan can be difficult. However, a good Safety Plan and proper follow through on the plan will make your Safety Program strong and more productive.

The Safety Plan should be the vehicle that will allow the company to achieve its overall Safety Mission. What is the Safety Mission? The Safety Mission should be the same as the overall Corporate Mission which is to be successful, grow and make a profit. A good Safety Plan helps the company achieve it's overall corporate mission. The Safety Program does this by protecting the company's most valuable assets:
* Employees
* Property & Equipment
* Financial Strength
* Good Company Name

Therefore, the Safety Plan should be designed to protect the company's most valuable assets and help the company achieve it's corporate mission.

Annual safety performance goals should be established. These should be for employee injuries and lost time injuries. The company goal should be compared against the OSHA National Incident Rate for the Ready Mixed Industry. The latest rate is 10.2 incident per 100 employees for OSHA Recordable Cases and 5.7 for Lost Time and Light Duty Cases. An annual goal to be 20% or 25% should be set. If your company is all ready there, the goal should be set at the lowest achievable level for your company.

The next part of the plan should be a annual review of the various types of injuries and potential types of injuries. Written Safe Procedures should be developed and all exposed employees trained. If necessary other preventative measures should be taken.

An Annual Training Plan should be developed. New employee training should be a part of the plan and annual refresher training should be included. As a review of your training program you should review who should be conducting the training, what subjects should be included and when is the best time to conduct the annual refresher training. All training should be documented.

OSHA mandated safety requirements should be reviewed and updated. Remember OSHA could show up at any time unannounced. Inspections should be conducted on a regular basis and the items noted corrected as soon as possible. The effectiveness of the Inspection Program should be evaluated annually.

Each year your Safety Plan should be reviewed and updated. Maintaining a good Safety Program is an ongoing continuous process. Having a solid plan in place makes the process easier and more productive.

If you have any safety related questions or need assistance with your Safety Program please feel free to call me at 1-800-356-1274.