Blanchester Area Chamber of Commerce
Blanchester, OH 45107

By Mr. Gary Hanson, President of
American Safety & Health Management Consultants, Inc.

Like most people, I hate doing things I dislike or am forced to do. There just isn't any enthusiasm or passion. I remember when I was growing up, I had to cut the grass and weed the sidewalk. I hated it, but I knew that the consequences were not going to be good when my Dad got home from work. It seems like it took forever to get the mowing and weeding done and all of the while my friends were going by on the way to the swimming pool.

Sometimes, it seems that a Safety Program is like the mowing and weeding. It is something that needs to be done but there are so many other things that seem more critical or important. This is one of the reasons why OSHA compliance is so difficult, it is something you have to do not something you want to do.

That is why they call it compliance and that is why they have to send out Compliance Officers. Companies who equate OSHA to a Safety Program will never have a good effective Safety Program. They usually do just the minimum to get by, and if they don't believe OSHA is a threat they will do even less.

When you are in business, it is much more likely that the things that contribute to the success, growth and profitability of the company get done and are not nearly such a burden. Those activities that bring value to the company, achieve a high priority and generate more passion and enthusiasm. That is why the Want To activities are easier than the Have To activities.

Activities that contribute directly to the success, growth and profitability of the company usually fall into the Want To category, whereas compliance items fall into the Have To category.

A good Safety Program contributes directly to the success, growth and profitability of the company. It brings value to the business and should certainly be worth the time and effort it takes. A good Safety Program also protects the company's most valuable assets, its employees, property, equipment, production capability, financial strength and good company name. I work for companies that cannot work hard enough or fast enough to turn their Safety Program around because they see the cost savings benefit.

Although I believe there is a need for OSHA, and there will always be companies that need their services compliance will always be a Have To.

Do the right things to protect your business and your employees, this is the real reason to have an effective Safety Program. Make safety a Want To instead of a Have To, you will have a much better Safety Program and it will not be near the burden. Safety is good for your company and good for your employees. It is a win-win situation.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with your Safety Program, please give me a call at 1-800-356-1274.